Reduced Price New 25W VHF Power Amplifier, 160W Ouput, 2M (144-148 MHz) Expand

Mirage 25W VHF Power Amplifier, 160W Output, 2M (144-148 MHz)


B-2518-G by Mirage


Mirage B-2518-G is a compact, rugged, VHF RF power amplifier greatly improves signal-quality and range.

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Mirage B-2518-G contains a low-noise GAsFET receiving amplifier, a 160-watt power amplifier, and associated control and protection circuitry.

This amplifier operates from any well-filtered direct-current 11-15 volt power source capable of supplying 30 amperes under full-load. The power source must be either negative grounded or totally ground independent.


  • Automatic RF actuated transmit and receive switching or manual switching
  • Active bias for greatly improved SSB linearity
  • Low-noise GAsFET receive preamplifier
  • True push-pull circuitry and clean RF layout for excellent stability
  • Excess SWR and overdrive protection
  • Remote control capabilities
MIRAGE 160 Watts on 2 Meters â Power Curve - typical output power in Watts
Watts In0.250.53581015253550
B-2518-G Watts Out2550140150160160----
B-2518-G Watts Out57406080100125160160160
B-5018-G Watts Out-21525405070100130160

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