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Nissei VHF/UHF Vector Impedance Antenna Analyzer


NS-520A by Nissei


Nissei NS-520A RF analyzer delivers top-notch accuracy in small size with user-friendly interface.

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  • Single-Frequency mode to view Standing Wave Ratio (SWR), Resistance (R), Reactance (X) and Interference Levels (S) simultaneously on a high-resolution analog bar-graph display.
  • Scan-Frequency mode to graphically plot SWR, R, X and Z captured as a sequence of sharply defined color graphs.
  • As a precision HF signal generator.
  • As a Field strength meter.


  • Measures
    • SWR ratio with graphic display in a selected frequency range
    • Antenna Impedance (Z = R + jX)
    • Antenna Resistance (R)
    • Antenna Reactance (X)
  • Quick search for antenna resonance frequency.
  • Robust measurement, accurate, and resistant to environmental interference.
  • Very suitable for antenna measurement and adjustment.
  • Very suitable for outdoor antenna measurement.
  • Low cost and wide frequency coverage.
  • Portable and small size.
  • Clear LCD display, even under daylight
  • Easy and intuitive operation.
  • Long sustaining Lithium rechargeable battery for a long operation time.


Frequency Range133 MHz - 177 MHz
195 MHz - 280 MHz
395 MHz - 520 MHz
Frequency Step1000 Hz
Frequency Stability< 0.5 PPM
Output Power3 dBm (at 438.5 MHz)
Sweep Widths (Hz)300K / 1.5M / 3M / 6M / 12M
24M / 42M / 75M
Maker Steps (Hz)1K / 5K / 10K / 20K
40K / 80K / 140K / 250K
VSWR Range1:1.00 - 1:99.99
Lord Resistance (R) Range0.1Ω - 999.9Ω
Lord Reactance (X) Range0.1Ω - 999.9Ω
Magnitude (Z) Range0.1Ω - 999.9Ω
Power SourceLithium Polymer battery (3.7V, 1900 mAh)
Charger SourceUSB port and Micro USB plug
RF connectorBNC Female
Screen2-inch high-output 16-million color TFT
Dimension (W x D x H)6.86 cm x 2.54 cm x 8.9 cm
Weight145 g / 0.32 lbs

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