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Reduced Price 1500W HF Remote IntelliTuner™ Automatic Antenna Tuner, 1.8-30 MHz Expand

MFJ 1500W HF Remote IntelliTuner™ Automatic Antenna Tuner, 1.8-30 MHz

MFJ Enterprises, Inc.

MFJ-998RT by MFJ Enterprises, Inc.


MFJ-998RT is a remote automatic antenna tuner powered by IntelliTuner™ to handle full legal limit power CW/SSB or antenna tuning units!

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TOUGH & POWERFUL! --- MFJ-998RT 1500W remote automatic antenna tuner is built into a weather-tight ABS plastic cabinet top with a stainless steel bottom!
  • 2,500 Virtual Antenna Memories
  • Powerful: Handles 1500W SSB & CW
  • Fast Automatic Tuning: Instantly matches impedances from 12-1600 Ohms using MFJ’s exclusive IntelliTuner™, AdaptiveSearch and InstantRecall algorithms with over 20,000 VirtualAntenna Memories!
  • Firmware upgradeable via serial port
  • Covers 1.8-30 MHz
  • It’s the perfect companion for Ameritron’s ALS-1300, AL-80B, AL-82, AL-1200 and AL-1500 legal limit amplifiers!

Size: 13.75” x 17.5” x 6.75” (W x D x H).

Weight: 9.5 pounds / 4.31 kg.

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