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Reduced Price New 17-Element Wideband Boomer Yagi Antenna, 2M, 18 dBi, 1500W Expand

Cushcraft 17-Element Wideband Boomer Yagi Antenna, 2M, 18 dBi, 1500W


A17B2 by Cushcraft


This precise 17-Element CW/SSB Boomer Yagi Antenna is specially designed for EME, aurora, scatter, SSB, CW, tropo!

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Enjoy a cleaner pattern and 18 dBi gain with A17B2 thanks to its advanced manufacturing technology employing precision CAD and accurate test range data.

When all-weather performance is important, you will choose the new UltraMatched Boomers everytime.!
The UltraMatch is a modified T-match system that provides a balanced current distribution on your Boomer. It uses UltraLink Teflon® dielectric cable allowing for low loss high power applications. UltraMatch is completely enclosed for weather proofing. UltraMatch features an N-connector on the A17B2 and UHF SO-239 on the A13B2.

  • Enjoy 18 dBi gain on FM, packet, CW, or sideband across the 2 MHz operating range.
  • You can mount A17B2 vertically or horizontally for maximum performance on your favorite mode.
  • Its optimum boom length makes it a popular antenna that fits just about anywhere.
  • The new UltraMatch balanced feed on the Cushcraft A17B2 antenna provides a 50Ω match via a standard SO-239 UHF female connector.


Frequency144-148 MHz
Elements per Band13
Gain15.8 dBi
Front to Bank Ratio26 dB
Side Lobe Attenuation> 60 dB
SWR 1.2:1 Bandwidth> 2 MHz
Longest Element103.5 cm
Turning Radius5.26 m
17.25 ft
Boom Length9.45 m
31 ft
Electrical Wavelength4.5
Wind Load0.36 m²
3.9 ft²
Max Power Watts PEP1500W
Weight7.14 kg
15.75 lb

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