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Reduced Price New 2-Band HF Vertical Antenna, 80/40M Expand

Cushcraft 2-Band HF Vertical Antenna, 80/40M


MA-8040V by Cushcraft


Cushcraft MA-8040V is a self-supporting monopole-style vertical antenna for 80 and 40 meters.

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MA-8040V is a compact self-supporting HF vertical that delivers excellent DX-hunting performance on 80 and 40 Meters.

Only 27 feet tall and weighing in at less than nine pounds, it is small and light enough for one person to handle easily without assistance. Once installed, the MA-8040V virtually disappears against a backdrop of trees and foliage.

Parallel resonators use a combination of inductive and capacitive top loading to deliver automatic band switching, high efficiency, and rock-bottom SWR on both bands.

Designed to handle maximum legal power and built to last year after year, it's the perfect DX solution when the sunspots silence the higher bands. Radial kit included.


  • Parallel L/C resonators provide automatic bandswitching with full-band coverage from 7.0-7.3 MHz and adjustable tuning to any 100 kHz segment between 3.5-4.0 MHz.
  • Heavy-duty coils and resilient stainless capacitive hats deliver high efficiency while handling up to 1500W PEP.
  • Designed especially for DX operation, the radiation pattern provides a low launch angle to favor distant contacts and a deep overhead null to cancel unwanted local QRM.


Frequency Coverage80 and 40 meters band
3.5-4.0 MHz and 7.0-7.3 MHz
Impendance50 ohm
Typical Gain0 dBi @ 3.5 MHz and 2 dBi @ 7 MHz
VSWR Minimum1.1:1 typical resonance at both bands
Bandwith (2:1 SWR)100 kHz on 80/75 meters, 300 kHz on 40 meters
Power1500W PEP
Ground Radials8 recommended (4x65 ft and 4x35 ft)
Feedline ConnectionSolder lugs
Height (adjustable for 3.5-4.0 MHz coverage)7-8.2 m
23-27 ft
Weight4.1 kg
9 lb

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