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Reduced Price New 2M Ringo Ranger II Vertical Omni-Directional Antenna, 7.0 dBi Expand

Cushcraft 2M Ringo Ranger II Vertical Omni-Directional Antenna, 7.0 dBi


ARX-2B by Cushcraft


This amazing Ringo Ranger II has the most gain, least windload and best mechanical integrity among 2M antennas.

More details

The Ringo Ranger II design is based on the original W1BX Ringo. It features a very low angle of radiation over coverage area, thanks to its three ⅝ wave radiating elements and an adjustable ⅛ wave phasing stub!

In addition, it has built-in:
  • Lightning Protection
  • UV-Stabilized Insulators
  • Heavy-Wall Tubing
  • Improved Decoupling Radials to eliminate feedline radiation
  • All-Weather Performance


Frequency135-160 MHz
SWR 1.2:1 Typical 2:1 Bandwidth> 3 MHz
Gain7.0 dBi
Power Rating1000 W
Radiation Angle
Horizontal Radiation Pattern360º
Radiator Base Diameter1.9 cm
Height430 cm
14 ft
Mast Size Range2.54-3.1 cm
Wind Load0.05 m²
0.5 ft²
Radial Length52.1 cm
Weight2.7 kg
6 lb

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