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Reduced Price New 4 x 2M/70CM Power Divider Harness for VHF-UHF Yagi Antenna Expand

Cushcraft 4 x 2M/70CM Power Divider Harness for VHF-UHF Yagi Antenna


PD-4 by Cushcraft


Easily stack FOUR Cushcraft Boomers by adding equal lengths of 50 Ohm coax to each of the antenna feed points!

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PD-4 Power Divider Harness for Boomers is the essential part in phasing or "stacking" Cushcraft 2-meter Boomers. It's so easy to install...just add equal lengths of 50 Ohm coax between the divider and each of the antenna feed points.

If you are a demanding two meter operator who's interested in weak-signal SSB, CW, EME, aurora, meteor scatter, tropospheric then you will must have stacked Yagis over single-boom antennas!


  • PD-4 divider lets power to be connected to four Yagis simultaneously: It immensely increases gain and directivity over a single Yagi
  • Enjoy another huge boost in gain and sharpens the radiation pattern to a narrow swath


Type of connectorsUHF (SO-239)UHF (SO-239)
Number of connectors24
Designed forTwo A13B2 or Two A17B2 beamsFour A13B2 or Four A17B2 beams

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