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Reduced Price New 10M 5-Element Long Johns Yagi Antenna on a 24-ft Boom Expand

Hy-Gain 10M 5-Element Long Johns Yagi Antenna on a 24-ft Boom


LJ-105CA by hy-gain


The Hy-Gain LJ-105CA is a computer-optimized 5-element, 10-meter beam.

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The Hy-Gain LJ-105CA is ideal for stacking with other Hy-Gain CA-monobanders (i.e.: Hy-Gain LJ-155CA or Hy-Gain LJ-205CA) for unparalleled performance and durability.


  • 5 full-sized elements on a 24-foot boom
  • Hy-Gain adjustable beta-match
  • Rugged boom-to-mast bracket
  • New stainless steel hardware and clamps for all electrical and mechanical connections


Power Gain110.8 dBi (8.6 dBd)9.75 dBi (7.6 dBd)8.65 dBi (6.5 dBd)
Front-to-Back Ratio136 dB maximum20 dB - 25 dB18 dB - 31 dB
VSWR (at resonance)< 1.5:1< 1.5:1< 1.2:1
2:1 VSWR Bandwidth1700 kHz400 kHz400 kHz minimum
Nominal Inpendance50 Ohm50 Ohm50 Ohm
Maximum Power (PEP)1500W1500W1500W
Matching HoldBetaAdjustable BetaAdjustable Beta
Horizontal Half-Power Beamwidth156 degrees55 degrees60 degrees
1 Verified by YO and MININEC Computer codes along with radiation pattern measurements of full size antennas of Hy-Gain's test range.


Boom2" x 24'
5.08 cm x 7.31 m
2" x 26'
5.08 cm x 7.92 m
2" x 34'
5.08 cm x 10.36 m
Turning Radius (approximate)15'
4.57 m
17' 6"
5.33 m
7.62 m
Longest Element18' 1ý"
5.64 m
25' 1ü"
7.60 m
11.12 m
Surface Area23.9' ftò
0.363 mò
5.2' ftò
0.483 mò
9.0' ftò
0.84 mò
Wind Load at 80 mph100 lbs
45.36 kg
133 lbs
60.3 kg
230 lbs
104.3 kg
Maximum Wind Survival2 (no ice)100 mph
160.93 kph
88 mph (elements), 153 mph (boom)
141.6 kph (elements), 246.2 kph (boom)
99 mph (elements), 105 mph (boom)
159.3 kph (elements), 168.98 kph (boom)
Mast Diameter Accepted2" to 2ý"
51 mm to 64 mm
1ü" to 2ý"
32 mm to 64 mm
1â" to 2ý"
32 mm to 64 mm
2 Verified by YS computer code.

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