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Reduced Price New 15-Element DL6WU DX-Series VHF Yagi Antenna, 144-146 MHz Expand

Hy-Gain 15-Element DL6WU DX-Series VHF Yagi Antenna, 144-146 MHz


VB-215DX by hy-gain


Hy-Gain VB-215DX is an 15-Element High-Performance Yahi antenna for SSB/CW DXing in the Amateur 2 meter band.

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  • High Gain, Low Sidelobes: 15 elements on a 28-foot (4.03 wavelength) boom, with superior gain, low sidelobes, and high front-to-back ratio.
  • Weather Resistant: An encapsulated feedpoint and a weatherproof, low-loss type-N connector for use in all types of climates.
  • Wide Frequency Range: The usable frequency range of 144-146 MHz is perfect for 144 MHz EME & terrestrial DX, and 144-146 MHz satellite communications.
  • Stackable: Can be easily stacked for increased performance.


The VB-215DX design is based upon the DL6WU log-tapered design information. Performance was verified by testing on Hy-Gain's antenna range and by computer modeling with the NEC-2 and Yagi Optimizer© computer codes. The antenna's performance characteristics were optimized for the 144-144.5 MHz frequency range. This electrical design also permits the addition of more director elements for additional gain, with little or no retuning.


A 6-section boom can be easily disassembled and reassembled for portable operations. A sturdy tubular boom support is included to reduce boom droop and to add structural strength for severe icing conditions.

Most hardware is stainless-steel including the element retaining rings (push nuts). All insulators are UV protected. The coaxial balun assembly is made from high quality RG-303/u and RG-142 B/u PTFE dielectric and FEP jacketed coaxial cable

The addition of 2 or 3 more directors will not adversely affect the balance or structural integrity of the antenna.


Frequency Range (usable)144 MHz to 146 MHz
Total Elements15
Front-to-Back (all backlobes)22 dB
Maximum Gain144.2 MHz: 14.2 dBd
146.0 MHz: 13.9 dBd
Maximum Power1000W Avg.
2000W PEP
Beamwidth28 degrees (E)
30 degrees (H)
Sidelobe Levels-15 dB (H)
-17 dB (E)
Typical VSWR1.2:1
Elements Length878 mm to 1010 mm
34.57" to 39.76"
Parasitic Elements Diameter4.8 mm
Boom Length at 4.03 wavelengths8.5 m
27.88 feet
Boom Diameter25 mm to 32 mm
1" to 1.26"
Maximum Turning Radius4.3 m
14.1 ft
Maximum Mast Size Accepted38 mm to 52 mm
1.5" to 2.04"
Maximum Wind Surface Area0.256 sqm
2.75 sqft
Boom SupportTubular 25.4 mm, 22.225 mm
Tubular 1", 0.875"
Stacking Distance (for maximum G/T)E plane: 4.25 m (167")
H plane: 4.03 m (159")
ConnectorType-N Female
Weight6.15 kg
13.56 lbs

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