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Reduced Price 10-30 MHz Super Hi-Q Loop Antenna, 36" Diameter, 220VAC Expand

MFJ 10-30 MHz Super Hi-Q Loop Antenna, 36" Diameter, 220VAC

MFJ Enterprises, Inc.

MFJ-1786X by MFJ Enterprises, Inc.


MFJ-1786X Super Hi-Q Loop is the best performing and most convenient small space antenna available to amateurs today.

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This tiny MFJ-1786X is only 36 inches in diameter operates from 10 MHz to 30 MHz continuously, including WARC bands!

Featuring indoor semi-automatic tuning unit with built-in Cross-Needle Wattmeter. All tuning and control voltages are coupled to the antenna through the coaxial feedline for simple, neat, one wire installation.


  • Small Size: Ideal for limited space like apartments, small lots, motor homes, attics or mobile homes.
  • Powerful: It handles up to 150 Watts.
  • Versatile Mounting: Enjoy both DX and local contacts mounted vertically.
  • Wide Angle: Get both low angle radiation for excellent DX and high angle radiation for local, close-in contacts.
  • Quick and Precise: Fast/Slow tune buttons let you quickly tune to your exact frequency.
  • Super Easy-to-Use: Auto-Band Selection super remote control auto-tunes to desired band, then beeps to let you know. No control cable is needed!
  • Strong Construction: All welded construction, no mechanical joints, welded butterfly capacitor with no rotating contacts, large 1.050 inch diameter round radiator, not a lossy flat-strip, gives you highest possible efficiency.
  • Smooth Precision Tuning: Each plate in the tuning capacitor is welded for low loss and polished to prevent high voltage arcing, welded to the radiator, has nylon bearing, anti-backlash mechanism, limit switches, continuous no-step DC motor.
  • Strong Case: Heavy-duty thick ABS plastic housing has ultraviolet inhibitor protection.


The loop antenna element is constructed from thick walled aluminum pipe. Every current carrying joint is welded to eliminate high resistance pressure contacts that reduce efficiency. The loop element is tuned with a low-resistance, high current, variable capacitor. The outdoor electrical and mechanical components are protected by an attractive weather resistant molded cover.

Requires input: 220VDC

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