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Reduced Price New 1.5KW Dry Dummy Load/SWR Wattmeter, 60 MHz Expand

MFJ 1500W Dry Dummy Load/SWR Wattmeter, 60 MHz

MFJ Enterprises, Inc.

MFJ-267 by MFJ Enterprises, Inc.


MFJ-267 is two pieces of valuable test equipment in one package: It’s a most versatile 1500W dummy load and a true peak SWR wattmeter in a range of DC to 60!

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With radio gears, it’s often important to test your transmitter or linear amplifier into a dummy load. You may need to tune an amplifier on your desired frequency without disturbing others.

Maybe you need to verify your transmitter is performing normally or rule out antenna problems. Dummy loads play an enviable role in variety of operating and troubleshooting situations.

Because MFJ-267 is 1500W dummy load and a true peak SWR wattmeter in one device you could:
  • Tune up your transceiver, linear amplifier, or antenna tuner into a safe 50-Ohm dummy load at full power and then instantly switch to your antenna and monitor SWR, forward and reflected power.
  • Use for testing/tuning transmitters, transceivers, amplifiers, antenna tuners, baluns, transformers, filters, matching networks, coax, stubs, transmission lines and antennas.
The precision true peak reading wattmeter not only gives you more accurate measurement of peak transmitter power and easy to use SWR cross-needle, it can be switched between either the built-in load or your antenna system.
  • Works DC to 60 MHz and SWR is below 1.3:1 at 30 MHz
  • Handles 100W for 10 minutes or 1500W for 10 seconds
  • Comes with power derating curve
  • Extra-large 3" lighted Cross-Needle Meter reads SWR (1:1 to 8:1), forward and reflected power simultaneously
  • Reads true peak PEP or average power on 300W/3000W forward and 60W/600W reflected power ranges 1.8-54 MHz
  • Gives high accuracy from a carefully designed directional coupler, an accurate active-peak reading circuit and a precision D’Arsonval meter movement
  • RF tight perforated aluminum cabinet

Size: 4.5” x 10.5” x 3.5” (W x D x H).

* Uses 12 VDC or external power supply (e.g.: MFJ-1312) for operation.

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