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Reduced Price New 300W Dry Dummy Load, 3 GHz, N Expand

MFJ 300W Dry Dummy Load, 3 GHz, N

MFJ Enterprises, Inc.

MFJ-263 by MFJ Enterprises, Inc.


The MFJ-263 covers DC to 3 GHz with a heavy-duty, air-cooled heat sink design. It handles up to 300W for 10 seconds and 125W continuously.

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With radio gears, it’s often important to test your transmitter or linear amplifier into a dummy load. You may need to tune an amplifier on your desired frequency without disturbing others.

Maybe you need to verify your transmitter is performing normally or rule out antenna problems. Dummy loads play an enviable role in variety of operating and troubleshooting situations.

  • Covers DC to 3 GHz
  • Handles up to 300W for 10 seconds and 125W continuously
  • Gives incredibly low and flat SWR curve across the entire spectrum thanks to the N-Teflon® insulated connector

The heavy-duty, air-cooled heat sink design case is made of a strong aluminum construction and comes with silk-screened derating curve.

Size: 10.75” x 5.25” x 2.25” (W x D x H).

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