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Pole Star Platform

The Most Reliable, Cost Effective, Usable Tool for Vessel Tracking, SSAS Management and Risk Insight!

Pole Star - Vessel Tracking

By combining reliable position reporting and detailed maps with accurate zones, up-to-date weather layers, interactive tools and an intuitive mobile-responsive user interface, we can offer you a complete and near real-time picture of your fleet in relation to nearby and current threats, risks and regulatory requirements.

Work smarter, save time and achieve your goals with our advanced, global satellite tracking service, patent-pending blended tracking technology and interactive tools and layers.

For shipowners, ship managers, charterers and fleet managers that require fleet-wide situational awareness, the Pole Star platform offers the near real-time data, actionable intelligence and global visibility needed to increase operational efficiency, enable decision making and support compliance. LEARN MORE

Pole Star - SSAS Management

A complete SSAS management system that allows CSOs and DPAs to manage security alerts and respond to incidents - from the office, home or mobile.

In a security situation, rapid response is vital. So, when we developed SSAS Management, we designed every feature to make managing ship security alerts and tests simpler and quicker. We streamlined processes, reduced visual distractions and focused on what was important to you - ensuring your vessel and crew are safe.

The reliable web-based and mobile applications allow you to manage alerts and tests from your office, home or mobile, to give you confidence that, in the event of an incident, you are ready to respond immediately, no matter where you are. LEARN MORE

Pole Star - Risk Insight

Risk Insight provides you with near real-time updates of incidents such as piracy, terrorism, hijacking, insurgency and other maritime crime around the world, right inside your Pole Star account.

With easy to understand incident icons displayed on your fleet map, along with a time slider to reveal current and historical incidents, Risk Insight gives you an overview of the risks to your fleet, and provides you with the situational awareness and actionable intelligence you need to avoid risk using data from MaRisk by Risk Intelligence.

Integrated into the Pole Star services you use every day, Risk Insight gives you a complete picture of the immediate and long-term risks to your fleet, without the need to switch between different services or screens. LEARN MORE

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