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Reduced Price New 200W Giant Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter, 1.6-200 MHz Expand

MFJ 200W Giant Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter, 1.6-200 MHz

MFJ Enterprises, Inc.

MFJ-892 by MFJ Enterprises, Inc.


MFJ-892 SWR & Wattmeter is a highly-accurate RF meter for measuring Forward Power, Reverse Power & VSWR with GIANT illuminated Cross-Needle display.

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  • DC Grounded Antenna connector prevents electrostatic buildup
  • True Directional Coupler for more accuracy over frequency
  • Low Bias Schottky Diode Detectors for bigger linearity
  • GIANT (104 mm), Precision Cross-Needle Meter simultaneously displays forward and reflected power with SWR
  • LED backlighting provides smooth and even illumination
  • Individual Meter Scales for each power range increase reading accuracy
  • Three Color Scale for improved readability
  • Rugged metal cabinet with speckled black finish and designer style grey injection molded front panel aesthetically complements your modern transceivers
  • DC Power Cable Included


Frequency Range1.6 MHz to 200 MHz
Center Calibrated1.6-60 MHz (6M/HF) at 28.5 MHz
140-150 MHz (2M/VHF) at 145 MHz
Power Range0 to 200W
Power Scale2W / 20W / 200W
Maximum Power200W
Accuracy± 10% of Full Scale or better
Insertion Loss< 1.2 : 1
Minimum Power (Fwd)1W
Testing FunctionFwd/Rev Power, SWR, PEP
Input/Output Impedance50 Ω
Input/Output Connectors"M" type
Input Power9VDC to 14VDC, 200 mA maximum
Dimension (W x D x H)184 mm x 131 mm x 118 mm
Weight910 g / 2 lbs

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