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Reduced Price Bipolar Field Strength Meter, 2M/440 Expand

MFJ Bipolar Field Strength Meter, 2M/440

MFJ Enterprises, Inc.

MFJ-802B by MFJ Enterprises, Inc.


The MFJ-802B Balanced Dipole Field Strength Meter (or FSM) is a test equipment that every ham radio enthusiast should own.

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  • Huge 3" High-Resolution Meter with a robust 0-100 scale that's easy to read from several feet away.
  • Sensitive Telescoping 40-inch Balanced Dipole is ground independent and reduces influence of surroundings.
  • Remote Detector Jack: ¼" phone jack for MFJ-802R remote RF sensing head.
  • Sensitivity Control lets you handle milliwatt to kilowatt signals.
  • Determine radiation pattern: Make changes to your antenna to see if it radiates better or worse.
  • Wide-Range Sensitivity Control: Adjusts your meter for a wide range of power levels and distances to the RF source
  • Adjust ground lead, artificial ground, counterpoise or tune transmitter or antenna tuner for maximum field strength.
  • Combine a balanced pick-up antenna with a RF-insulated enclosure to eliminate hand-capacitance errors typical of older-style meters.
  • A high-Z balanced decoupling network ensures top efficiency over a wide frequency range and provides complete isolation between the detector and metering circuits.
  • A uA-type meter movement with a wide-range sensitivity control to handle signals from the milliwatt to kilowatt level.
  • Add the MFJ-802R remote pickup to monitor field strength from anywhere you wish in the comfort of your shack. Inexpensive low-voltage DC wires connect the two units together.


  • Usable from 100 kHz to 500 Mhz.
  • Size: 258” x 1½" x 4" (W x D x H).

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